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Side Draft Paint Booths

Side-draft or side-downdraft paint booths operate by introducing air through the ceiling and exhausting the air through the side-walls. The entire ceiling is filtered and the entire or vast majority of the length of the paint booth’s walls are filtered for exhaust.


Advantages of Side Draft

  • A side-draft paint booth creates a more even pattern of airflow around the painted object and draws paint overspray and contaminants DOWN & AWAY from the finish.
  • Side draft paint booths also do not need concrete pits to function so the added cost of concrete work is eliminated for the buyer.

Disadvantages of Side Draft

  • A side downdraft paint booth is usually the most expensive model from any paint booth manufacturer since there is a full upper plenum constructed above the workspace and the side walls must include ductwork and exhaust fans to achieve the exhaust. In terms of material, it is the most expensive type of booth to manufacture.
  • When comparing the saved concrete cost however, this could possibly be justified since it is giving the user a very good draft pattern far superior to a crossdraft or semi-downdraft paint booth and still does not need concrete work. The problem with the paint heading toward the painter still exists in a side-draft and cannot be avoided.
  • In a side draft paint booth, the coating must be sprayed by the painter and the overspray must exit directly behind him.
  • The problem with contaminants or picking up extra dust is reduced since the air is being pulled away from the vehicle, but the possible exposure to paint overspray is still present if the painter isn’t wearing the appropriate breathing apparatus.